Is it time to upgrade your bathroom? Remodeling a small, functional room like a washroom can be extremely rewarding. Plus, it could even add value to your home! But before you undertake a project like this, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind first. Here are some simple tips for a successful bathroom remodel.

Leave Room in Your Budget for the Unexpected

When remodeling a bathroom, some previously unknown issues can be found when removing the current fixtures. A broken pipe, a rusted valve, rotted floors – there’s a lot that can come up as you’re tearing up your old decor. It’s always a good idea to give yourself a little wiggle room for remodeling projects. That way, you’ll have the cash to fix the problem without sacrificing design or function.

Measure. And then Measure Again.

When it comes to any home remodeling, the first step is always to measure your space carefully. This step should be done in the very early stages of the project, especially before ordering any new fixtures or furniture. You’ll need depth, height, and width measurements for EVERYTHING, including toilets. To avoid any mishaps, consult with a professional plumber about your measurements. Pros can help you with your measurements to ensure they are completed correctly.

Hire a Professional Plumber

Handling the measurement of new fixtures and cabinets yourself is one thing. But when it comes to the plumbing, don’t take any chances. The pipes and water system in your home shouldn’t be messed with unless you really know what you’re doing. So unless you’re a retired plumber, hire a professional. It’s very easy to cause serious damage to the plumbing in your house unknowingly. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your new bathroom remodel is done efficiently and safely, with no surprises to come.

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