Boiler Repair and Replacement Services

A boiler is a home appliance that you just cannot do without. So when something goes wrong with your boiler, you want reliable, fast service that you can count on. Whether it is a repair or a complete replacement, our highly trained technicians can get your boiler up and running on the same day, in most cases.

Boiler Repairs

If your boiler is being used as your home’s primary heating system, it is essential that it is kept in top shape. When you call Preferred Plumbing of New Jersey for a boiler service, we will inspect your boiler and determine whether a repair is possible or if it is time for a new unit entirely. If a repair is needed, we will fix it as soon as possible so you can resume your daily routine. We know a broken boiler is an inconvenience, so we will not waste any time getting it back into working order. When it comes to boiler repairs, make us your first choice!

Boiler Replacement

A typical boiler should last around 15 years. If your home’s boiler is around that age or older, it is time to start thinking about upgrading. Not sure if your boiler is salvageable? We will take a close look and give you an honest recommendation. If it is time for a replacement, we will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. Boilers are complicated appliances, and you should only trust a professional, experienced plumbing company to complete the task of replacing it correctly. We will determine the right model for your home and even haul away the old one when we are done.

When it comes to boiler repairs or complete boiler replacement in the New Jersey area, Preferred Plumbing has got you covered!


VERY QUICK, quality work, and very professional. Thank you!

-Elliot P