Clogs happen. That is why we all have a plunger in our bathrooms. However, sometimes, a plunger is not going to be enough to clear the clog. Instead of trying at-home remedies that could damage your toilet or your pipes, you should consider calling a professional plumber instead. Here is when a clog needs a pro plumber, not a plunger.

When You’ve Tried the Plunger to No Avail

Plungers are extremely useful. And for everyday toilet clogs, they usually work. If you have tried multiple times to unclog your toilet with a plunger, and it is still not working, do not keep trying. Before you hurt yourself, or your toilet, admit defeat and call a plumber.

You are Tempted to Try Other Methods

Never stick any sort of object down your toilet. You could scratch the bowl or cause permanent damage. If the plunger did not work, do not try using another object. Just call the plumber.

It is Not Just a Clog

If the usual methods are not working, this could be a sign that it is not a regular clog. There could be an issue with your pipes, your water line, or your sewer line. But using tools or other objects on the clog could potentially make the problem worse. A professional plumber will be able to recognize an issue right away. They will also have the necessary tools and equipment to deal with a larger problem, should it arise.

There Could Be an Obstruction

If there is an obstruction, such as an object that is causing your toilet clog, then plunging is unlikely to help. Professional plumbers have tools that will allow them to remove objects from your toilet without causing any damage.

You Might Do Permanent Damage

Before you take apart your toilet for a clog, call a professional plumber. Even if you think you are helping, you could be causing permanent damage to your bathroom or plumbing that may be expensive to fix.

The bottom line, if a plunger is not working, call a professional plumber.