Did you know that plumbers can upgrade your kitchen appliances to make them more functional? Most often, we think about plumbers for things like dripping faucets and broken toilets. However, plumbers have a much broader range of capabilities than you might think. Here is how a plumber can upgrade your kitchen appliances.

Direct Water Line to Your Coffee Maker

A professional plumber can install a direct line to your Keurig machine or coffee maker. This eliminates the need to ever fill up the water reservoir by hand. It is a perfect option for larger households, office space, or for any obsessive coffee drinker! You can even install a line that filters the water as well. This will improve the taste of every coffee you make.

Sink Water Softener or Filter

If you have particularly hard water or do not have a whole house water softener, you can opt for one for your kitchen sink only. Alternatively, you can have a filtering system installed just for your drinking water. A professional plumber can install both options.

Direct Water Line to the Refrigerator

Most newer fridge models come with built-in ice makers and water dispensers. However, unless you have a direct water line, you will not be able to use these convenient features. Plumbers are trained and experienced in installing these specific water lines, so they are the ones to call when the time comes.

Water Pressure Upgrades

If you are tired of having weak water pressure in your kitchen sink, a plumber can help. When it is time to upgrade the water pressure in your home, a professional plumber will recommend the necessary upgrades and install them accordingly.

Looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances with some of these handy upgrades? Have questions on what a professional plumber can do for you? Then give us a call at Preferred Plumbing today!