Several issues come up at home that may be tempting to try to fix on your own. Sometimes DIY repair projects are logical, and even easy. But there are some, especially plumbing-related, that should always be left to the professionals. Here are some common plumbing issues that should not be fixed on your own.

Leaking Sink Pipes

If you have malfunctioning pipes under your sink, your first instinct may be to fix them yourself to stop the leaking immediately. However, it will be difficult to figure out where the leak is coming from without taking everything apart. Dismantling your pipes is extremely risky to do yourself since piping systems can be tricky to reassemble. Unless you experience with piping, you should call in a professional plumber.

Clogged Drains

When a clog happens, you probably want to reach for one of those chemical drain de-clogger or a snake device, but oftentimes, those chemical products or tools could make the problem worse. You may temporarily fix the clog but could have caused permanent damage to the pipes in the process without knowing. If you have a pesky clog that does not seem to be responding to your normal methods of de-clogging, do not risk it. Call a professional plumber.

Broken Toilets

Toilet backups happen and they are easily fixable in most cases. However, if your toilet clog is not responding to the usual methods of plunging, you may need the help of a pro. Using any sort of tools on your toilet yourself could lead to a plumbing disaster, one that could be extremely costly to fix. When in doubt, call in a pro plumber.

Low Water Pressure

Sometimes a water pressure issue could be caused by something as simple as gunk buildup. But there are also more complicated reasons for water pressure issues. There could be erosion, a fractured pipe, or something even more serious. Do not try do it yourself tricks you may find online. Your best option is to call a plumber.

If you are experiencing any of these plumbing issues, or something more serious, give us a call today. Our professional plumbers can help!